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Ludwig van Beethoven

Vienna—“music capital of the world”, “Austria, land of music”: these attributions have lost none of their popularity ever since the 19th century. Numerous memorial sites and monuments are found in Vienna, and the Wien Museum maintains eight former homes of musicians, among them, three from Beethoven alone. Beethoven came to Vienna as a twenty-two year old pianist and composer in 1792 and lived here for thirty-five years until his death in 1827. In addition to autographs, the memorabilia collection for Beethoven contains mainly objects “about” him, about his music and life and work in Vienna.
Josef Willibrord Mähler
around 1804–1805
Franz Klein
Josef Willibrord Mähler
around 1808

I. Albertinaplatz

Jakob Alt
around 1822

Totenmaske von Beethoven

Trude Fleischmann
around 1930
August Stauda, Kaspar Clemens von Zumbusch
around 1900

Wien. Beethoven-Denkmal.

Brüder Pick
1903 (Application)
August Stauda
around 1907
Postkarten-Industrie AG, Wien (POSTIAG)
around 1925
August Stauda
around 1903


Julius Schmid
around 1901
Unknown, Nedomansky
ca. 1930 (Production)