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Viennese cafés ca. 1900

The Viennese café, which was described as a special attraction to visit in the city already in the late eighteenth century, experienced its heyday around 1900: there were 1,202 permits for coffee waiters and roasters in the metropolis, which in 1910 had grown to 2.1 million inhabitants. In the Wien Museum’s collection are not only numerous depictions of famous cafés in the city center, such as Café Griensteidl and Café Central, but also photos and postcards of suburban cafés, such as Café Eckl on Schottenfeld in Neubau, demolished in 1911.
Photographischer Kunstsalon "Moderne". Special-Atelier für Kunstlicht-Interieuraufnahmen
Reinhold Richard d. J. Völkel
Wilhelm Gause
Reinhold Richard d. J. Völkel
around 1896
Wilhelm Gause
Peter Altenberg
"Anitta", C. Zöhling
1915 (Application) 1911 (Production)
Verlag Josef Popper (J. P. W.)
1913 (Production)
1899 (Application)
Brüder Timár
1909 (Application)